Siamak, I just read your newsletter and this particularly really spoke to me, "We have literally held so many patients' hands as they walked the path from living in physical pain and mental agony into wellness!"

It's been a couple of years since I had searing nerve pain caused by excess weight. At the time, acupuncture was the only immediate remedy, but weight loss was the cure. I haven't been back to see you because you really did get me on the path to wellness and I'm please to give you an update.

I've lost 120 pounds since our first visit and maintained that weight loss for two years. Since then I have run 4 half marathons and joined a Masters Rowing team, competing in regional and national regattas. I haven't had this level of fitness since I was 18 years old.

I want to thank you for holding my hand through that journey to wellness.'

Jane S.

We found 2bWell when one of my children could not get help from western docs. Turns out they had a genetic enzyme deficiency that was easily solved with supplements. Our family began working with Dr. Brush at the clinic. For myself, I've experienced a reduction in sickness overall - it's been a good experience for me and my family.

Rob B.

I have been coming to this clinic since 2015. I feel heard, cared for, and with my providers we work on my health as a team. I see immediate results and realize I also have to put in the work. Though this team is amazing and actual help with immediate medical needs. I have always spread the word about this place as I highly recommend: Hilary Boly's approach with Oriental Medicine is listening to her patients and their vision for optimum health. For each of us, being healthy includes physical well-being. True health also includes emotional balance, fulfillment in relationships, financial stability, mental focus, and an optimistic spirit.

Mary Attwood: is kind, lovable, and eager to hear your needs as she crafts treatment plans each patient feels capable of including into their lives and offers support with any hard-to-make changes. She brings a heart of understanding to patients.

Kim Nesbitt: meets my needs with her deep passion and wonderment for the human anatomy and finds joy in helping someone achieve balanced with muscles and able to be back in center after her visits.

I trust this clinic and the providers and know they have my best interest.


I love this place and always leave feeling more relaxed and healed. Dr Hoffman, Hillary and Siamak are all excellent caretakers of my health. I highly recommend seeing them.

Amanda L.

As one who had never tried eastern medicine, I was apprehensive about trying something so...foreign. Siamak Shirazi has shared his years of practice and knowledge to help me physically as well as emotionally. He has gone above and beyond what a typical practitioner offers. Siamak and his friendly staff have been a huge support for me since I first walked through the door!

Tiffany A.

Dr. Huffman is such a breath of fresh air. I have been struggling physically, mentally, and emotionally just trying to find the right support system and I've gone from doctor to doctor looking for it. Well, I'm looking no further. Brooke makes you feel safe and comfortable and listened to. She's extremely knowledgeable and she goes above and beyond to find the right answers for YOU. I've not had a healthcare provider be so helpful, supportive, and well-rounded. If you're looking for a new ND, go see her now!!

Erica D.

I talked with 13 other naturopathic doctors including Dr. Brush about my case before choosing her. She talked with me on the phone twice before I made my first appointment. Dr. Brush took the time to listen to me and really hear about all of my health concerns before she started working to get to the root cause(s).

Having a practitioner take the time to really hear me made all the difference in the world. That was not my experience with regular western medicine doctors. She continues to do research, confer with other experts and updates me between visits about her findings and what our next steps and plan of action could be. I'm very confident that I made the right choice. I'm so confident in her abilities, I've referred and continue to refer many people that come across my path to her. The really great thing? After they've seen her, their story of their experience is very similar to mine--we're all sold!

Having one clinic that can take care of acupuncture, massage and naturopathic needs is wonderful! They're able to cross reference and treat everything together! I'm very thankful!"

Claire W.

I started at 2bwell about three years ago when I felt run down and sick. I went to Siamak and the acupuncture treatment he gave really helped my symptoms. In addition, he provided me with a natural throat spray. Preventing illness is certainly preferable to being sick and fighting an existing problem. Siamak encouraged me to come back and work on my immune system. Weekly appointments started off my new health regimen and then as I got healthier we tapered my appointments to better maintain my health.

I used to be a person who got several colds in a season and those colds often developed into a bacterial infection. Western Medicine only offered condolences and antibiotics, but no one in that school of thought ever truly treated the root of the problem. Siamak has helped me have a stronger immune system so that I rarely get sick, even when my husband catches something. By researching and consulting other experts in the field, Siamak showed me that he truly cares and wants to heal his patients. He is willing to spend time both during and outside of an appointment to ensure the wellbeing of his patients. I am so grateful to have this much better alternative available!

Elizabeth R.

I am a 46 year old woman that has been under acupuncture treatment with Siamak Shirazi for over 10 years. He has helped me considerably with tendonitis and shoulder pain associated with computer work over the years in addition to pre-menopausal symptoms. He has taken the time to find out my areas of discomfort and concern and has done a great job of working on my pain in a very comfortable, soothing environment at the 2BWell Clinic. In addition, I have recently been under the care of Julie Brush, NP and she has helped me set up an easy to follow detoxification program.

It is very nice that Siamak has set-up a place where I can go to get the alternative treatment by well-educated and experienced professionals. I have even had a few massages with their massage therapist and found that service/treatment very helpful to relieve muscular tension and tightness. The 2B Well Clinic is a very warm, comfortable environment that provides holistic health treatment for people of all ages! . I would highly recommend coming and visiting the clinic to help with a natural approach to health care.

Kathy A.

Being newly diagnosed with cancer was both stressful and tiring. Acupuncture treatments have alleviated the fatigue, reduced the anxiety, and given me the energy to improve my health. Dr. Siamak Shirazi's caring, treatments and suggestions for integrated mind/body wellness have been a wonderful balance to support, and augment the standard westernized treatments of blood counts and CT scans. I am feeling stronger in facing this challenge.

Brenda E.

I am a 56 year old woman who wanted to brighten my look and see what could be done about the deepening wrinkles I have. I did not want to be what I call "disfigured" by conventional facelifts.

About three months ago I began Cosmetic Acupuncture treatment at the 2BWell Clinic. I am finished with the initial treatment and now I do follow ups for a while.

I am extremely pleased with my results. Siamak Shirazi, who is a licensed acupuncturist and has extensively trained in cosmetic acupuncture, did a wonderful job in helping me to look more youthful. My skin does look brighter with more color. My face looks fuller and less drawn. Many people have commented on how "rested" I look. A grocery store clerk commented on how great I looked as I checked out at her stand one day. People are noticing a difference and I am very glad I chose this route to feel more beautiful at my age.

I plan to continue the follow up visits. I am enjoying the new look that I have.

Connie R.

In late 2001 I came down with ulcerative colitis. I was under the care of a gastroenterologist and taking pills that hadn't been tested on patients my age. As my condition got worse and worse I couldn't go to work or shopping without problems. It also ended my visiting out of town friends because of the embarrassment. I thought the rest of my life would be like this with the possibility of having my colon removed. I was taking up to 12 pills a day and had been put on Prednisone two different times. My condition just got worse. I finally decided that the treatment wasn't working and I needed to change directions.

I mentioned to my co-workers that I thought of trying an alternative treatment like acupuncture. One of the ladies I work with said she was going to acupuncture and gave me Siamak Shirazi's phone number. I made an appointment immediately. Dr. Shirazi went over a treatment plan with me and after one month I noticed improvement. Four months later I went to my regular physician for my annual physical. She couldn't believe how well I was doing and my liver enzymes that were high for years were near normal. I continued taking pills given to me by my gastrorologist reducing the dosage until I quit them completely at about 6 months. I haven't taken them since and that was about 3 years ago. I now go to Siamak Shirazi about every other month just to make sure the symptoms don't reoccur. I thank Dr. Shirazi for saving my life and sanity. I wanted to share my experience so that maybe someone else with IBS or Colitis might benefit.

Doris B.

Frustrated, this was my mental state during the fall of 2009 and it only got worse after Thanksgiving. Suddenly, I saw myself at 245 pounds, 5'10" tall and about to turn 38 years old. Wanting to make a change, earlier in the year I had a physical by my primary care physician. All the blood work was fine and other then being too heavy; his advice was cut back on calories and workout more. I tried and other then getting more and more frustrated, I did not lose a pound.

I suffered a heel injury and reached out to Siamak Shirazi for treatments. During the second treatment session I shared with him my frustration on trying to lose weight and asked for his advice. I provided Siamak a copy of my blood work up and we agreed to meet again in a week or so after that. In this appointment Siamak and I made a plan that was 100% attainable. His part of the deal was easy; the hard part was on me. He started to modify his treatments slightly to aid my body's natural ability to transform and become more efficient, by late Nov 2009. We also created a detoxification program for me which included a restricted diet and nutritional supplements. The detox diet lasted about three weeks but I continued to take some of his recommended supplements. This was not very easy and so many times I just wanted to give up, but the need to change drove me on. Siamak also made me keep track of my calories on a meal by meal basis; at this stage I can do it in my head. The outcome over the first three weeks was incredible, I lost 5 pounds. I continued with a modified diet and exercise program and it made January a wonder month. I continued losing weight while working out regularly and eating better and even having a glass of wine once in awhile or a cup of coffee to help my mental state.

On Monday February 1st 2010, I met with a personal trainer to start focusing on sculpting my frame and learn more specific exercises to continue with my total transformation and to make my exercise more efficient. I now weight at 228 pounds and still have a 31% body fat. So I am still carrying around some extra fat but I also have a large frame, so we set the goal for me to reduce my weight to 205 pounds. I am now on a modified supplement program and my treatments with Siamak are reduced to once a month. With my new program and added energy, I burn about 500 calories with each workout, thus I am about 166 work outs away. With my life schedule, I think I can make it to the club 20 times a month, by January 2011 I should be close to my ideal weight.

Mike R.

Our little girl was born with a 2lb tumor growing off her tailbone. She was in the NICU for a couple weeks, and during that time 3 antibiotics were pumped into her system. I truly believe because of the antibiotics, her little system had no fighting chance and she came down with serious allergies and eczema (very itchy and bleeding) which covered most of her body.

We have been seeing Dr. Julie Brush since shortly after our daughter was born, and the treatment has helped her body heal and clear her skin up. It used to take us 30-45 minutes for a diaper change because our daughter wanted to scratch and was agitated while we applied the healing remedies. She is now 21 months old and has had gorgeous clear skin for a few months now; after all we've been through, it's amazing to see.

We are still seeing Dr. Brush, and she is slowly adding appropriate things into our daughters diet so she can tolerate and handle more foods, etc.

Since my husband and I didn't want to go the "steroid" or "prescription medication" route, we couldn't have done it without her expertise, professionalism and compassion. We are so thankful for Dr. Brush, and for all she has done for our daughter and us!

Kerry K.

I was immediately impressed by Dr. Talebi's calm manor and professionalism. Her ongoing education in attending seminars, webinars and the like also impressed me and she made it a point to share her findings with her many clients in monthly events we had at DentSpa. The events she had were successful and included her Power Point presentations, question and answer periods for the groups and one on one discussions as well. We extended these events based on certain topics like "Menopause, Detox, Natural supplements", etc. She even created one of our best events at the spa based on the Biggest Loser competition you see on television. Our spa staff as well as a few of her clients participated in a detox and exercise program where we competed against each other. It was fun and resulted in her client base growing even larger!

On a personal note, with hiring Dr. Talebi as my own physician, I was impressed by the fact that she was available by cell phone for questions or concerns after normal business hours. Even since I have moved out of the state, she still calls and emails me to inquire about my health and I forward my blood tests to her. I challenge you to find another doctor who is as caring or determined to be the best in her field as Dr. Talebi.

I recommend her highly!

Cara C.

Dr. Vida is an excellent naturopath focused on delivering wholistic health results to her patients. I recommend her highly for anyone looking for a results oriented naturopath.

Dominic O.

Dr. Vida gets right down to work and with kindness and compassion listens to your story! She gathers all the facts, listens very close to how the patient feels and describes the situation, and then proceeds with her amazing knowledge. She is direct and focused while still listening; I mention listening a lot because most doctors don't listen to their clients very well--she does! I have taken my problem to many people, and she has been the one to help so very much and has given me tools to take with me along in life! Thank you Doctor V

Bob B.

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