What is Naturopathic Medecine?

Naturopathic medicine is a distinct system of primary health care - an art, science, philosophy and practice of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of illness. Naturopathic physicians (ND's) are primary care and specialty doctors who address the underlying cause of disease through individualized natural therapies that integrate the healing powers of body, mind and spirit.

ND's utilize diverse techniques that include modern and traditional, scientific and empirical methods. They are trained to be the doctor first seen by the patient for general health care, for the diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic conditions, and for preventative medicine. They also serve those whose treatment by conventional means has not met their needs and who seek Naturopathic care as an alternative.

How Does it Work?

Naturopathic philosophy serves as the basis for Naturopathic practice. Naturopathic physicians are general practitioners trained as specialists in natural medicine. In practice, Naturopathic physicians perform physical examinations, laboratory testing, gynecological exams, nutritional and dietary assessments, metabolic analysis, and allergy testing. They may order x-ray, ultrasounds, other imaging procedures, and other diagnostic tests.

The current scope of Naturopathic practice includes, but is not limited to:

  • Botanical Medicine
    Plant substances are powerful medicines. Where single chemically-derived drugs may only address a single problem, botanical medicines contain compounds that have a synergistic effect. Their organic nature makes botanicals compatible with the body's own chemistry; hence, they can be gently effective with few toxic side effects.
  • Homeopathic Medicine
    Homeopathic medicine is based on the principle of "like cures like." It works on a subtle yet powerful energetic level, gently acting to strengthen the body's healing and immune response.
  • Physical Medicine
    Naturopathic Medicine has its own methods of therapeutic manipulation of muscles, bones, and spine. ND's may also use ultrasound, diathermy, exercise, massage, water (hydrotherapy), heat and cold, air, and gentle electrical pulses.
  • Psychological Medicine
    Mental attitudes and emotional states may influence, or even cause, physical illness. Counseling, nutritional balancing, stress management, hypnotherapy, biofeedback, and other therapies are used to help patients heal on the psychological level.
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Julie Brush, ND

Julie Brush grew up eating farm-fresh produce and bicycling in the flat countryside. As a NCNM (National College of Naturopathic Medicine) graduate, Julie has completed extensive medical training as a primary care physician and practices under a new paradigm in which patients are listened to, given the tools to achieve optimum health and are an active participant in their own health care.

She is well-prepared to address a myriad of conditions including women's health, pediatrics, allergies, chronic disease, weight loss, and immune, digestive, and neurological health. Her modalities include homeopathy, botanicals, nutrition, lifestyle changes, hydrotherapy, flower essences, UNDA drainage and Bowen therapy.

Naturopathic Primary Care Physician

2BWell Group


Jessica Brooke Huffman, ND

Dr. Brooke Huffman is a naturopathic physician committed to helping people enhance their lives by optimizing their health. She works closely with patients to help them remove obstacles to their health as a primary means of resolving their wellness challenges and restoring their health. She facilitates this by providing a foundation for health & wellness through nutrition and lifestyle suggestions as well as customized, targeted therapies that unravel the disease process. Read more

Naturopathic Primary Care Physician

2BWell Groupe


Rachael DelToro, ND

Dr. Rachael focuses on treating the whole body, working hard to discover the origin of your medical obstacles. She realized that each patient has a different narrative and needs time to be heard. She spends her time to create a tailored health plan for each individual. She is ready and excited to become your healthcare resource, utilizing an open communication style while tending to her patients at 2BWell Clinics. Her goal is to empower her patients to be closely involved in making their own healthcare decisions. Read more

Naturopathic Physician

2BWell Groupe


Rebecca Jennings, ND

educating and empowering others to reach their full potential in health, wellness, and life. Dr. Jennings was attracted to naturopathic medicine because it combined her passions of helping others and learning about the intricacies of human health and physiology.

Dr. Jennings centers her practice around chronic conditions with special interest in: women's health, fertility and preconception counseling, digestive health, autoimmune disease, hormonal imbalance, athletic performance, natural aesthetics, wellness optimization, and prevention. Read more

Naturopathic Physician

Licensed Acupuncturis

2BWell Groupe


Bethany Tennant, ND, CNS

Dr. Bethany Tennant is a licensed Naturopathic Physician. She graduated with a with honors in research from the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon. Following graduation she went on to complete a post-doctoral research fellowship in the area of Parkinson's disease and nutrition. She is also a Certified Nutrition Specialist and sports massage therapist (trained in New York). Natural sports medicine is her specialty and she deals with matters of prevention, performance, recovery, pain management, and injury rehabilitation. She has had the privilege of working with elementary, high-school, college, and professional level athletes (USATF, D-League, FIBA, NBA, NFL). Read more

Naturopathic Physician

Certified Nutrition Specialist

2BWell Groupe


Mary Attwood, ND, LMT

With a passion for health and healing, Dr. Mary Attwood is a general practice naturopathic physician with a focus on family medicine, including female and pediatric health. Trying always to use the least invasive approach possible, Dr. Attwood listens with an open ear and ready mind as she helps patients get to the heart of what is troubling their health and wellbeing. A kid at heart herself, she is easily approachable to patients of all ages, and especially children and young adults. Dr. Attwood believes all patients have a right to share input and ownership over their treatment options. Together, she crafts treatment plans each patient feels capable of including into their lives and offers support with any hard-to-make changes. Conditions she has experience helping patients improve or reverse include type 2 diabetes, hyperlipidemia, hypertension/high blood pressure, thyroid imbalance, cervical dysplasia and neoplasia, and musculoskeletal pain or malignment. She also brings a heart of understanding to patients with cancer and offers complementary naturopathic therapies to those in conventional care. Read more

Naturopathic Physiciann

Licensed Massage Therapist

2BWell Groupe


Michael Crupper, ND, LAc

Michael Crupper is a Naturopathic Physician and Acupuncturist practicing primary care family medicine at the 2BWell Group. Dual medical degrees give him the unique ability to evaluate patients using both Eastern and Western medical traditions and choose the best treatment for each individual. Read more

Naturopathic Physician

Licensed Acupuncturist

2BWell Groupe