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Nutritional Consultation
Nutritional Consultation

Nutrition has such a pivotal point in our entire health and well being that it's almost impossible to describe its role in a few paragraphs. We truly are what we eat! There is a famous Indian saying which refers to the long term effects of our eating habits and general lifestyle. It says: if you want to know your true state of health today, think about all the things you have been doing over the past 10 years. And I say, if you want to know your state of health in ten years, think about what you're doing (eating) today!

At 2bwell we provide you with basic knowledge about the necessity of supplementation in our everyday diet and why we don't receive all we need to be healthy from our food. And we also provide you with several different options on how to obtain and maintain your daily nutritional needs. We also get more involved in therapeutic applications of different herbs and nutritional formulations for treatment of chronic conditions on a one on one, and individually designed basis. We use only the highest quality supplements from the most recognized and clinically approved manufacturers from all around the globe and have 100% conditional guarantee policy.

In our soon to be published cook book, we offer simple yet delicious recipes for many different healthy and/or therapeutic meals influenced by the principles of the Anti Inflammatory Diet. We also have separate recipe sheets for different health conditions or to serve different diet guidelines that can be purchased individually.

To get more information or to make a nutritional consultation appointment, please email or call our office and ask for Catalina.