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Traci Eveson

Traci Eveson, NTP

Traci Eveson is a Nutritional Therapist who has been involved in the wellness industry for 20 years. She has extensive background in holistic healthcare with an emphasis on weight management and nutritional counseling.

A healthy body begins with what we eat and is strongly influenced by lifestyle factors like sleep, exercise, and eliminating stressors. Traci believes that every person has their own unique nutritional needs based on bioindividuality. Our genetic and geographical makeup can determine our nutritional needs. Each of us has an innate intelligence that guides us and heals us.

She will review the 5 foundations with each client. These foundations include Hydration, Mineral Balance, Blood Sugar, Fatty Acid Balance and Digestion. She uses several tools in this process. The tools include gathering information from health and lifestyle questionnaires, food journals and the unique hands-on functional evaluation. The functional evaluation utilizes reflex points on the body that allow for accurate assessment of specific nutrient needs that support optimal function. A customized plan will be developed with this information.

Traci works with both men and women to restore their health, placing an emphasis on eating real whole foods, positive lifestyle changes through guidance and education, and implementing a clear action plan so clients can have more energy and live a more meaningful life.

Traci likes to cook, exercise, and practice yoga. She also likes to go boating, travel, ride on the back of her husband's Harley motorcycle, and snow ski.