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Rebecca Jennings

Rebecca Jennings, ND

Dr. Rebecca Jennings is a licensed naturopathic physician, who is passionate about educating and empowering others to reach their full potential in health, wellness, and life. Dr. Jennings was attracted to naturopathic medicine because it combined her passions of helping others and learning about the intricacies of human health and physiology.

Originally hailing from the DC suburbs of Northern Virginia, Dr. Rebecca Jennings' passion for health and wellness did not develop until late in her college career. It was during this time that she had that aha moment and made the connection between diet, lifestyle, and disease. She graduated cum laude from the University of Delaware with a Bachelor's degree in Sociology with minors in Business Administration and International Business. However, she independently continued her education with a continued goal of gaining knowledge in holistic nutrition and health and educating anyone who would listen. After years of working in the business sector, Rebecca decided to follow her passions, move to Portland, and pursue a degree in naturopathic medicine. She graduated with honors from NUNM, achieving a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine.

Dr. Jennings centers her practice around chronic conditions with special interest in: women's health, fertility and preconception counseling, digestive health, autoimmune disease, hormonal imbalance, athletic performance, natural aesthetics, wellness optimization, and prevention. Through a patient-centered approach to care, Dr. Jennings works in partnership with her patients to create personalized and sustainable treatment plans to address individual concerns. Dr. Jennings strives to empower her patients with the knowledge and understanding to be able to make educated decisions that are right for them.

In addition to addressing foundational lifestyle causes of disease, Dr. Jennings utilizes both naturopathic and conventional therapies as needed. Naturopathic therapies include therapeutic diets, nutritional support, botanical medicine, biotherapeutic drainage, and mind body therapies.

In her free time, Rebecca enjoys exploring the Pacific Northwest, hiking, biking, hitting the gym, enjoying Portland restaurants, and spending time with family, friends, and her long-haired chihuahua, Lucky.