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Node Smith

Node Smith, ND

Everyone was created for a purpose. Node's purpose is to work with people. Dr. Node has an infectious way about him that inspires people and helps make the types of changes necessary for lasting health somehow easier. He is also a master at helping others overcome obstacles, or turn obstacles into opportunities. He believes in humanity, he believes in health, and he believes in those he works with. He is more than a doctor, he is a counselor and a guide.

Node Smith, ND is a board certified naturopathic physician practicing at 2BWell clinic in downtown Portland, Oregon. He is an expert in vitalist medicine, including hydrotherapy, botanical medicine, homeopathy, physical manipulation, and nutrition. He has mentored and trained with some of the most well known naturopathic doctors of this generation. He is also an adept counselor and life coach. He specializes in finding the underlying cause of a disease process and stimulating the body's own capacity to overcome, repair and heal. Some specific conditions Node has experience in include gastrointestinal complaints, pain disorders, chronic metabolic and endocrine disorders as well as mental illness and addiction.

Node currently serves as the chairman of a professional non-profit, Association for Naturopathic ReVitalization (ANR) as well as associate editor for the Naturopathic Doctors News and Review and the NaturalPath publications. He is a leader in the naturopathic profession, currently involved in numerous projects. He is happily married and enjoys rock climbing, cycling, and gardening.


Naturopathic medicine presupposes that the body is innately self-healing. Dr. Node believes that the physician's role is to collaborate with the patient to address obstacles to healing and determine specific treatment protocols.

There are four general pillars to health, and when they are found in balance, freedom will be found and health restored. These pillars are:

  • Eating - "You are what you eat." It is of primary importance to eat correctly. This is an individual need, choice, and experience. Node will almost always work with a new patient to develop a specific diet that is right for them. Within this pillar also includes any supplemental nutrition that may be necessary.
  • Movement – Movement does NOT mean "exercise." The body is very dynamic and needs to move throughout the day to get the blood and lymph flowing. It also needs periods of rest – which would constitute sleeping. Often this is an area where cultural shaming and judgment have done a real disservice for individuals, telling them that they need to exercise a certain way, have a certain kind of body, sleep a specific amount, and enjoy it. These myths need to be addressed and overcome.
  • Thinking - The way we think about health, about ourselves, and about reality impact everything in our lives. This is often an area, that when addressed, yields the highest amount of positive results.
  • Relating – The way that we relate to others, to our environment, and to our work is often an area of intense conflict, and often hinders growth and healing.