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Maryam Milani-Baladi

Maryam Milani-Baladi, MS

Maryam Milani-Baladi was borne in Brooklyn, NY and attended the Arnold & Marie Schwartz College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences in Brooklyn NY, and has been in the field of Pharmaceuticals (retail & hospital) since early 90s. She has also taken numerous courses and workshops on nutritional and herbal therapies because of her own personal interest over the past several years. The blend of having a deep understanding from chemistry and western drugs, as well as exposure to Nutroceuticals has enabled Maryam to have a unique view point on interactions between nutritional supplements and/or with western drugs.

She is a firm believer of preventive care and the body's own healing powers when it comes to health and wellness. Maryam uses her background experience to carefully apply these principles in to her everyday patient care both at Portland Providence Medical Center and 2bwell clinics. She is currently working on writing her first recipe book based on the ancient wisdom of Traditional Persian Cuisine, and modern findings of Anti-Inflammatory diet principles. Maryam is available for complementary consultation on all your nutritional questions and can tailor a unique and individual supplemental profile for you.

To make an appointment or to contact Maryam Milani-Baladi please call 2bwell or email her directly: