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Lal Kerr

Lal Kerr, DC

Dr. Lal Kerr engages health and healing from a "whole Being" perspective. She discovered chiropractic through yoga, the practice of uniting body, mind and spirit. As yoga integrates the core of our physical being and the seat of our consciousness, principled chiropractic offers a similar opportunity. Chiropractic science recognizes the relationship between the health of the spine and nerve system and overall human health and wellbeing. Supporting this relationship accesses the body's selfhealing power, upports selfexpression, and enhances our ability to live life to our fullest capacity.

Dr. Lal has been passionately delivering progressive chiropractic care since the turn of the Millenium. A California native, she gravitated in her early adulthood toward a very global worldview, inspired to local action, earning her Bachelor of Arts degree at UC Santa Cruz in both Environmental and Community Studies. She interned as a program designer and peer educator in a movement supporting student leaders and young adults to take action for social change coming from a spiritually grounded center, privileged to work with leaders such as Joanna Macy, Bill Moyers and Ram Dass. She studied Fractal Biology directly with Dr. Bruce Lipton, pioneering in the fields of New Biology, Epigenetics and Psychoneuroimmunology, while earning her Doctor of Chiropractic degree. Graduating with honors from Life Chiropractic College West, she spent an academic year on faculty at her alma mater, teaching in the technique department.

Her work focuses on neural integration, supporting tissues to functionally and structurally reorganize. She specializes in a fullbody, light force approach to chiropractic adjustments, releasing stored tension through the body's tensegrity system, enhancing posture, biomechanics and personal selfexpression. Serving the system to fully process, assimilate and coordinate its array of living experiences, this integrational approach to care assists both where pain or injury are involved as well as with constitutional or internal medical issues. Dr. Lal also provides her expertise in selfcare, drawing from over 25 years of background in kundalini yoga, recent training in adaptive hatha yoga practice and her current expansion into yoga therapy, providing informative choices for home exercises and lifestyle.

In addition to her unique approach to the chiropractic adjustment, Dr. Lal now offers oneone and small group clinical time to support the 2BWell community in personalized assisted yoga sessions. These sessions range from specific development of weak motor groups, improving gait, posture, core strength and extremity injuries, to restorative elements which relieve irritation, depression and anxiety, manage stress and chronic pain, assist gut motility and restore native diaphragmatic breathing.

She is specifically trained to support preand postoperative joint replacement patients, as well as to help people manage their challenges living with such diagnoses as CP, MS, and Parkinson's, using a combination of chiropractic and yogic principles, physical therapy, mindfulness and brain science. Her sessions enhance neuromusculoskeletal coordination and facilitate access to the body's ventral vagal parasympathetic nervous system, the neurological state where repair and healing occurs.

A lover of music, vegetarian food, and the great outdoors, Dr. Lal is thrilled to be in Portland.