Why Massage?

Massage is one of the most caring, compassionate and widely available therapies today. Yet outside of the obvious comfort of touch, why would you get one?

Because there are so many types and styles of bodywork today, I think it can be confusing as to how to go about finding a therapist. Throughout my experience since 1990, I have generalized three categories of people who often seek and benefit from receiving bodywork therapies as a means of maintenance, healing and awareness. Perhaps you will find yourself among one or more of these categories and it will assist you in finding the best massage therapist for YOU!

1. Therapeutic: There is a pain cycle going on in your body that is causing much distress.Often, this comes from repetitive movement situations, lack of exercise, over-exercise or improper nutrition, and stress, just to name a few. Massage can assist in balancing the body in these situations by focusing on the over-stressed body areas and balancing your energies. This is the most common reason I have heard for receiving bodywork. This type of work incorporates well with other health therapies, such as chiropractic care and acupuncture, and if often found within these types of businesses.

2. Medical/Clinical: You are going through a trauma that is causing physical disease and/or emotional pain. Massage is one of the most effective therapies available to assist one's body, mind & spirit into moving through the healing process. The simple intention of gentleness, honor and compassion, without trying to fix or test anything, is a welcome benefit. This massage style is particularly beneficial in healing settings and is becoming more available in medical arenas.

3. Relaxation: You are basically healthy, with no extreme tension, trauma or particular issue. Massage then becomes a preventative medicine, helping you to become aware of your body and it's processes. The body truly never lies. And in today's very fast-paced "heady" world, it is easy to forget, or put aside, how you really feel. Massage can bring you back "into your body," incorporating peaceful feelings and balance, ultimately allowing your mind freedom. This type of massage is what most people are familiar with and is often found in spa environments.

Once you know what you want/need, I recommend calling a therapist to ask them questions that are relevant to your situation. There are many types of therapists with a variety of experiences, which can make it challenging to choose which one is a good fit for you. And many therapists specialize. See if they can help you before you make your appointment. And once you are in your session, speak honestly about what you want to accomplish. It is crucial to the outcome of your massage and ultimately leads to a trusting relationship. Intention is everything. When this is in place, whatever is needed during you session will come about. And all you have to do is receiveā€¦To Your Well Being!!!

Liza Tapp, LMT