2-Get-Fit Is Back!

Learn how to lose weight and keep it off using natural and organic foods, effective eating strategies and emotional support! Come in for our weekly 1-hour long classes where you will get a weight-loss meal plan, track your weight loss and learn important nutrition concepts that will help you live a long and healthy life!

Classes start May 14th, 2012 at 7pm for $39.99 per class.

Class Schedule:

  • Wk 1: Program Introduction, Meal Plan, Weigh In/Body Composition
  • Wk 2: Why We Eat What We Eat/Why are Habits Hard to Change?
  • Wk3: Planning a Healthy Diet
  • Wk 4: What are CHO, PRO and Fats?
  • Wk 5: Eating Out and Weight Loss
  • Wk 6: Snacking
  • Wk 7: Grocery Shopping and the Nutrition Label
  • Wk 8: Special Topic

Call (503) 655-0044 for more information or to sign-up!

*Participants must sign up for the first class and then can sign-up for as many classes they want after that.

Catalina Vlad, MS, RD, LD
Registered Dietitian
Nutrition Education Specialist
Staff Dietitian, 2bwell Clinic