Experience Therapeutic Massage at 2BWell Clinic Portland

Dawn E. Larned, LMT

Touch is the most primitive of all sensations. It's our first mode of communication, and it is through touch that we initially perceive the world and create a personal relationship to it. We all know how comforting touch via massage can be. It de-stresses our overworked bodies and minds, increases circulation, and creates a general sense of wellbeing. However, massage can be so much more than gliding strokes across skin. Here at 2bwell Portland, I can work therapeutically to help your body heal and realign from injury, chronic pain, and patterns of overuse and misuse.

Therapeutic massage, also known as medical massage, has been around for over 4000 years. In my practice at 2bwell, I use a combination of Tui Na (Chinese Sports Massage), Myofascial Release, and Deep Tissue Massage to aid in healing such conditions as frozen shoulder, whiplash, sprains, strains, and Sacral-iliac issues.

A therapeutic massage session focuses on a problem area, specifically, along with providing assessment of underlying muscle and fascial imbalances that may be contributing to the pain. I will do a visual assessment of you while standing and/or walking to see where you hold tension and determine patterns of alignment within the body that are creating strain and unease. The goal of therapeutic massage is to create the ideal environment for your body to heal itself. Therapeutic massage occurs over several sessions with each session reinforcing the work done in previous sessions.

This work is very detail-oriented as I palpate specific muscles for over-contraction or over-lengthening, work with muscle attachments, work between muscles to separate them, and unstick tissues from each other. Fascia, the network of connective tissues that wraps around all muscles and parts of the body, can be softened, lengthened and realigned. Joints can be mobilized, creating space and an increase in synovial fluid. Lymph is moved, muscles stretched or strengthened, and limbs taken through their range of motion. I also have studied Chi Nei Tsang, Chinese Abdominal Massage, to help realign the internal organs of the abdominal cavity for optimal energy and functioning. A full abdominal session can be scheduled to aid with digestive issues, heartburn, menstrual pain, and more.

Of course, sometimes what we really need to heal is a soothing flowing massage to calm the central nervous system, increase circulation, and flush metabolic wastes from the tissues. Sometimes, no matter what specific pain we are in, we just need to relax and be pampered. That is an option here at 2bwell too. I combine Swedish Relaxation Massage with Lomi Lomi to encourage your body to release built-up tension. Therapeutic or Relaxation, no matter what your need is we can work together to improve your relationship with your body. When you feel more grounded and at ease in your body, the more you are able to feel grounded and at ease in the world.