Therapeutic Group Yoga at 2BWell

2BWell's downtown Portland clinic will now be offering Therapeutic Group Yoga. Ideal for complete beginners as well as experienced yogis, these unique yoga class sessions will combine the physiotherapeutics of asana with the applications of breath, mindfulness and brain science. Guided by chiropractor and yoga therapist Dr. Lal Kerr, each session will be tailored to the needs and issues of the participants. Sign up now for our first June classes, and use your benefits to learn new tools to heal more fully and enhance your wellness lifestyle.

Classes are available to existing and new 2BWell patients who establish care with Dr. Lal. You are welcome to set up an initial visit with her, if you have not yet done so, in order to be eligible. Your Therapeutic Group Yoga experience will then be built upon what she learns about you in the evaluation. Periodically you will be invited in for private evaluations outside of the group experience, which can be a useful and supportive way to track your progress.

Therapeutic Group Yoga sessions will begin with brief check-ins from each person, and Dr Lal may make some brief hands-on assessments for some. The doctor will then design that specific class to include elements to enhance the neuromusculoskeletal coordination for each participant, as well as expand the patients' access to their ventral vagal parasympathetic nervous system - the neurological state where the body and being are able to self-heal.

Class sequences will use elements ranging from the development of weak motor groups, improving posture, gait, core strength and extremity issues, to restorative elements to relieve irritation, depression and anxiety, manage stress and chronic pain, assist gut motility and restore proper diaphragmatic breathing. Participants will emerge from sessions with a sense of greater ease and cohesion.

A series of regular Therapeutic Group Yoga sessions supports patients to make targeted improvements and expands participants' self-awareness. Come join us to learn more, build your skills and grow your self-care toolbox. Sign up at the downtown PDX 2BWell location for one of our first classes in June!