The Bowen Technique

What is Bowen? Bowen is a dynamic system of muscle and connective tissue therapy. It balances the body to allow it to heal itself.

Gentle and non-invasive, it is excellent for acute and chronic muscle pain and injury. In addition, it can be helpful to regain whole-body balance and healing for many conditions and to help maintain good health.  What is involved in a Bowen treatment? Your naturopathic physician will have you lie on a massage table for the treatment;removal of clothing is not necessary. Bowen uses gentle hand movements over specificsites of the body that correlate to the health concerns of the patient. An entire bodytreatment can be completed within 30 minutes or less.From where does Bowen originate? Tom Bowen of Australia developed Bowen after World War II, when he becameinterested in ways of alleviating human suffering. He noticed that when he made certainmoves on a body, it had particular effects. He developed the system as it is today and eventually opened a full-time clinic where he saw over 13,000 patients a year.How does Bowen actually work? One possible theory of the underlying mechanism of Bowen is the resonance modeldemonstrated by stringed instruments. A string held and played at a particular point will establish a resonance that creates a distinctive tone. Changing the point where the stringis held creates a vibrational pattern that correlates with a specific frequency. In turn, thebody may be compared to an intricate musical instrument that requires adequate tuningfor correct function. Bowen sets up vibrational patterns that correspond to particularareas of the body. The body then attempts to alter its vibration to match these ideal vibrational patterns and in so doing, brings itself into harmony.  How often do I need Bowen? For acute and chronic problems, four treatments one week apart is a common initial treatment. After two weeks break, your physician will determine with you whether an additional four weeks of treatment is needed. This is often enough to address the problem, although periodic follow-up treatments may be helpful for some chronic conditions.  What happens after I receive a Bowen treatment? In the first 24 hours after your treatment it is important to do the following:• Drink plenty of water, more than usual• If you are sitting for long periods of time, get at least once every 30 minutes towalk around the room• Get a good night's sleep• Your physician may suggest daily exercises following your treatment• Avoid other body work for one week

If you have other questions about Bowen, please ask your Naturopathic Physician.