Update: Preventing the Flu

You are likely hearing about the flu, which is hitting the U.S. hard this year. So far in Oregon, incidence is widespread but not outside the normal range. There is a big media push to get the flu shot, which looks to confer approximately 60% immunity against the current flu strains. Whether or not you choose to get the flu vaccine, it is important to know that there are things that you can do to prevent the flu from hitting you and your family.

Viruses are everywhere and spread easily through the air via our respiratory system by sneezing, coughing, and breathing, as well as through direct touch. To rid our environment of germs is virtually impossible. So then how do we protect ourselves from getting the flu this season? The solution is simple: reduce exposure and optimize the immune system.

We offer several preventative strategies available at 2bwell including:

Mucococcinum: A homeopathic preparation containing minute amounts of various strains of the worst flu epidemics of the 20th century. It is specifically formulated to help boost immune function and stimulate the body's own defenses to combat and prevent the flu and potent viruses. It may be used both preventatively and acutely. Clinical trials suggest this remedy may be up to 80% effective at preventing the flu.

Immune-stimulating herbal tincture: A botanical preparation of Echinacea, Astragalus and Glycyrrhiza, this combination has been proven effective in stimulating immune cells that fight bacterial and viral invaders. It is ideal at the beginning of any ailment to stimulate the immune system, and may be used preventatively.

Immune Nutrient IV: A new treatment offered by Dr. Ariel Mastrich at 2BWell, the Immune Nutrient IV is a 20 minute treatment that delivers deliver immune boosting nutrients directly into your bloodstream. This stimulates the immune system to increase white blood cells so they can combat foreign invaders immediately. This treatment can keep the cold or flu at bay, or hasten recovery time of a current illness. Ask your 2bwell practitioner about this treatment- many of us have tried it and are raving about it!

In addition, boost your defenses daily by following these 6 key steps:

  1. Minimize your exposure
    Wash your hands with soap and water frequently. Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze. Protect your co-workers and friends by staying home if you are feeling ill.
  2. Get plenty of sleep
    Your body's lymphatic system, where immune cells proliferate and travel, is most active when you sleep at night. The body is best able to heal and repair itself during nighttime sleep. Getting bed before midnight and sleeping 7-9 hours a night is optimal.
  3. Drink plenty of water
    Coffee, soda and caffeinated teas act as diuretics and actually will make you more dehydrated. Filtered water is optimal for hydrating your body, flushing your toxins and supporting a strong immune system.
  4. Nourish your body
    The digestive system has direct contact to the outside world through the food you eat. Sugar and carbohydrates dampen the immune system, allowing viruses a hospitable environment to thrive. Nourishing our bodies daily with the rich vitamins and nutrients of organic whole foods promotes a healthy immune system.
  5. Get your sunshine vitamin
    A healthy immune system requires adequate vitamin D levels. Pacific NW residents tend to become deficient during our relatively dark winters. This is one vitamin supplement that may be detrimental in large amounts, but 2000IU daily is considered safe regardless of your blood levels. Consider getting your Vitamin D levels tested to determine how much Vitamin D you need.
  6. Keep your intestinal flora happy
    The resident bacteria in your gut provide for a healthy intestinal environment that resists invasion by bacteria and viruses. It is important to include either a high-quality probiotic supplement or to eat foods that contain live flora. Such foods include plain yogurt, miso, kombucha, tempeh, and sauerkraut. In addition, a diet high in fiber and fresh vegetables remains important as food for the healthy bacteria.
Remember, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"!
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