Sign the Petition to Protect Access to Naturopathic Care by Nov.1, 2012!

If Coordinated Care Organizations don't credential Naturopathic Doctors, you may lose access to the type of care you have chosen. This especially affects OHP, PEBB and OEBB patients, but everyone should take action! Sign and share the petition at

Willing to speak out? Get your voice heard about why your naturopathic doctor is critical to your health! Email to share your story

Special Alert for OHP Open Card Patients of Naturopathic Physicians

You may have recently been notified by the Oregon Health Authority that you are being enrolled in a newly created Coordinated Care Organization (CCO), effective November 1, 2012.

Your Naturopathic Doctor may not be covered by your new CCO

With very few exceptions, the new Coordinated Care Organizations are not contracting yet with naturopathic doctors as in-network primary care providers.

We are working on this with individual CCOs, but it is highly unlikely that their internal policies will change before the November 1st enrollment.

What you can do:

  1. Sign the petition at to build public support for including NDs
  2. Call OHP Client Services Unit at 800-273-0557 to find out how the CCO will provide continuity of care for you to continue seeing your naturopathic doctor
  3. Please understand that simply being transferred into the care of another provider within the CCO is NOT a solution to this problem. They may try to categorize NDs as "specialists" or "out of network". But Naturopathic Physicians are primary care physicians are should be credentialed as such.
    You have established care with a naturopathic physician for many reasons. One of the guidelines of CCOs is to not disrupt patient car. Convey the importance of being able to access your naturopathic physician as a primary care physician in the new CCO
  4. Get your voice heard! The Oregon Association of Naturopathic Physicians would like to hear your story about why naturopathic physicians are an important part of your health. If you are willing to write a statement or talk to decision-makers about your experiences, please contact or call 503-262-8586