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Summertime is all about enjoying the wonderful weather and outdoors to the fullest! Whether it's camping and hiking, training for a race, racing after the kids, or swimming laps at the pool, you need your body to be in top shape for the all the fun of the season.  Taking care of yourself at work is one way to ensure that you'll be able to take advantage of our beautiful Northwest summers! Here are excellent preventative health tips that we at 2BWell recommend:

Problem #1: Lower-Back Pain
Many office workers experience lower back pain after sitting for hours every day; bad posture and not getting up and moving regularly exacerbate the problems sitting day in and day out creates.  Bad posture is not limited to slouching over your desk, either.  Even if you are sitting up straight, you may be curving your back, leading to pain.  Back pain is a very common reason for adults to miss work, according to a report by Georgetown University. 

Tip #1
Back pain can make summertime activities difficult to enjoy.  Luckily there are many ways to prevent these common causes of lower back pain.  First, be aware of your posture as you are sitting at your desk.  Second, make sure your chair is correctly adjusted to ergonomic standards.  Third, try abdominal strengthening activities to relieve pressure on your lower back.  And finally, check your back pocket! Sitting on a fat wallet can put pressure on the sciatic nerve, leading to sharp back pain.  

Problem #2: Eyestrain
Staring at your computer screen every day often leads to increased eye sensitivity.  Straining your eyes causes too-watery and too-dry eyes, a sore neck, a headache, and blurry vision. 

Tip #2
Don't spend your summer with headaches and eye-complaints that plagued you this winter! Microsoft encourages users to increase the "zoom" percentage so that you don't have to squint when reading small font sizes.  Other good ideas are periodically looking away from your computer screen to rest your eyes and reducing any glare on your monitor.   Make sure you're not sitting too close or too far from your screen, too.  An appropriate distance from your computer screen is about an arm's length away.  

Problem #3: Stress
Reuters reports that workers who sit at a desk all day are more likely to experience stress-related outbursts; roughly 3 million people confess that stress has led them to pushing or hitting someone at work, and stress has caused 22 percent of workers to shed tears.  Stress is also physically taxing on the body, causing or increasing fatigue, sore muscles, a weakened immune system, digestive problems, and chest pain or a rapid heartbeat. 

Tip #3
Two big tips for busting stress are getting regular exercise and eating well, both of which are fun to do in summer: switch up your routine and run or bike outside instead of in the gym, and take a trip to a farmer's market to pick up fresh fruits and veggies that are now in season! And at the office, you can work on reducing stress by performing breathing and relaxation techniques at your desk.  

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