Moxa Pole Instructions

MOXA POLE INSTRUCTIONS • Light the tip of the "Moxa" pole with a candle or a Cigar lighter.

(This may take a minute or two since "Moxa" is very condensing).• Drag the tip across the side of the ashtray frequently, forming a point at the end. (This prevents you from burning your skin with a dropped ash.)• Hold thetip about 1 inch from your body and move it in a circular motion, covering about a 1 and 1/2 inch area.o Do not touch your skin with it. Do not let your skin get too hot by taking farther and bringing it closer whenneeded.• Hold the Moxa for about 10 minutes or until the area feels comfortably warm. This should feel very soothing!!• To extinguish, either: wrap the tip with aluminum foil, be careful not to burn yourself.  Put the tip into a container of sand.  Hold the tip under water.