More About Amy Brown, BS, CSCS, PTA and New Services Offered at 2bwell

WEIGHT LOSS: For this month, let's get on top of weight control and maintaining healthy habits through the holidays! Looking ahead to the New Year, many clients will make unrealistic resolutions. One of Amy's strengths is helping clients to set reasonable goals so that they will feel successful and continue to make short term goals throughout the entire year. Fitness plans should incorporate activities that are fun so "exercise" doesn't become a chore. Sometimes we just need a coach/cheerleader to remind us that people come in all shapes and sizes; this is OK as long as we are HEALTHY. This is the goal. Weight loss, or fitting into a cute dress for New Year's Eve, is just the bonus stuff.

Between the lazy summer days and the busyness of the holiday season, fall is a great time to repair your skin from summer and prep it for the winter. Why is fall the best time to schedule a facial or peel? During summer, sunscreens, dust and dirt can clog your pores, leaving your skin dull. Those clogged pores can ultimately lead to breakouts. Facials and peels can remove the layer of dead skin cells that hide your skin's natural glow. That tan you worked on this summer? Those darkened skin cells are actually dead cells that need to be sloughed off to make way for the fresh, new skin beneath. A facial is a great way to uncover this new you. A facial will also go deep to moisturize the younger skin below, preparing it for the cold winter days outside and drying winter heat inside that is just around the corner. It will also leave you looking dewy as you head into the holidays.

WALKING/HIKING GROUP: Amy would love to start a walking or hiking group to meet during the week and on occasional weekends. If interested, send your available times and days to Amy, and she will put together groups for you! Please include days, times, and interest in walking, hiking, or running groups. Beginners are her specialty!

TRIGGER POINT/CHRONIC PAIN REDUCTION: Fibromyalgia and other musculoskeletal disorders have shown significant reduction in trigger point number and sensitivity through postural correction. This is not as easy as it sounds. A lifetime of carrying yourself in a certain way (for physical as well as psychological reasons) DOES NOT CHANGE EASILY. Waking up deep stabilizing musculature is complicated, slow, and needs to be gentle work for the client. It takes time. This is where traditional MD's, PT's, LMT's, Chiropractors, and other clinicians can fall short. Amy can help you to succeed.

FITNESS: Amy does 1:1 or small group (up to four people) personalized fitness instruction. She can create individualized fitness plans for those with specific fitness goals. She can help you set reasonable goals and be the voice of encouragement.

PHYSICAL THERAPY: COMING SOON! Our goal is to offer full Physical Therapy services accepted by most insurance providers by the New Year.