IV Immune Therapy for Cold & Flu Treatment

We know how it all starts. The runny nose, the sniffles, the post-nasal drip, the sore throat. Worst-case scenario, the cold has travelled to the lungs and presents as bronchitis, or pneumonia. You now have to call in to work, stay home on quarantine, and must make the phone call to the doctor for antibiotics. You have lost precious days and become slave to your illness. I am here to offer you a chance to change the course of your illness. During the first signs of your cold, you can come into 2BWell and receive a Myers' Immune Cocktail, which will provide your whole body with a pool of vitamins B, C, magnesium, calcium, selenium mixed with hydrating fluids and a diluted hydrochloric acid. This formula will stimulate blood circulation to bring forth fresh white blood cells that will help attack & digest bacterial, fungal & viral particles that have tried to make camp in your body. The treatment lasts 30 min & will greatly reduce the amount of time to recover and become back to your healthy self. Recommended 1-2 treatments over 3 days to fully resolve most stubborn infections.

Even if you're healthy, IV administration of a wide range of vitamins and minerals is an extremely effective way to boost your nutritional status and prevent illness. Many people are lacking in magnesium, an essential mineral. IV magnesium is an excellent therapy for patients with heart disease, respiratory problems, and more. It helps with arrhythmias and can arrest an acute asthma attack. IV magnesium is also beneficial if you have diabetes, as it improves insulin sensitivity, helps control blood sugar, and finally it is very relaxing, something we could all use. Massive evidence has been compiled over the past 80 years of the significance of IV vitamin C. From infections to cancer, the evidence of its powerful influence is simply astonishing when administered IV and in doses far too high for oral intake. Add on to that the fact that it is entirely non-toxic even in very large doses. Selenium is another very important element that is commonly deficient in people. Lack of selenium is a major contributor to the development of cancer and infections from a poorly functioning immune system. Hydrochloric Acid intravenously in a dilution of 1:500 is effective in increasing the amount of circulating white blood cells (WBCs). Analysis of blood samples after diluted HCl injections showed that blood oxygen levels increased drastically, increases in red & white blood cell counts, increased phagocytosis (removal of dead tissue, & other debris), all of which resulted in the resolution of illness.

Dr. Ariel Mastrich, ND is available to perform IV therapies at 2BWell.