It is time for spring cleaning!

By Traci Eveson, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Spring is a good time of year to revitalize your mind and body with an effective detox program. There is an effective way to free yourself of chronic aches and pains, feel and look healthier and have more energy. It is called a detox and spring is a great time of the year to do one. Similar to an oil change for your car, a detox can clean and improve the filtering of your internal fluids in a way that produces immediate benefits in fighting disease. By learning how to enhance your body's ability to detoxify, you'll be better able to stay healthy, feel young, and improve your overall appearance.

You can measure the status of your health in ways other than blood pressure readings, stress tests, or labs. Ask yourself some simple questions about your mood, your body functions, and your ability to get through the day and enjoy your life. The mind and the emotions are two good indicators of overall health. An inability to think clearly and focus, volatile moods, and depression or lack of enthusiasm/ positive interest in your life can be clues that you are suffering from a toxicity overload.

Do you have difficulty concentrating? Do you feel mentally sluggish? Does your thinking feel slow? Do you have a negative outlook? Do you feel apathetic, dull, or listless?

The brain must be fed, and must also be able to drain, detoxify, and eliminate metabolic waste products. It must be able to regulate the products coming into and going out of the brain. A detox can be helpful for these processes.

Another way a detox can be beneficial is improving outward appearance. Does your skin look tired, dry, old, blemished, or spotty with uneven color? By doing a 7 day cleanse you will feel and look younger, have more energy, and possibly lose weight.

Doing a detox can recalibrate one's cravings for sweets or unhealthy foods. After a detox I no longer want sugar. I can go to social gatherings and have no problem avoiding desserts. Healing can be hard work. To heal, each of us must face our weaknesses and commit to growing stronger both physically and mentally.

The 6 steps to detoxification are:

  1. Remove the obstacles to health by going on a 2 day liquid fast and 5 days of clean eating.
  2. Improve circulation by using therapy such as a shot, cold showers and/or hot packs.
  3. Enhance elimination by using supplementation.
  4. Repair the gastrointestinal system.
  5. Stimulate the liver by eating certain foods.
  6. Transform stress using yoga, breathing exercises and mind training.

Some of the other parts to the program are: drinking 2 quarts of water daily, using only organic produce, including foods such as beets and pea or rice protein drinks daily, exercising for 1 hour daily, sweating every day, getting 8 hours of sleep at night, avoiding caffeinated beverages, and avoiding late night activities such as watching television to rest your mind as well as your body.

How often is a detox needed? A person can do a detox once a year, though for some individuals several times a year is a good idea also. Anytime you feel run down, overstressed, mentally fatigued, sick, get headaches, get cravings for sugar or have a sugar addiction, a detox is a good option.

The decision to take responsibility to heal yourself takes a burst of energy. It is a challenge to change your habits, especially in the beginning. We have a natural and miraculous capacity to self‐heal and an innate intelligence that heals and guides us. Detoxification is noninvasive, safe, effective for a variety of health concerns, and is safe for most people. It is based on an understanding of the body's intrinsic capacity to rehabilitate and heal itself.

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Disclaimer: Not everyone should do a detox. Please ask your healthcare provider if a detox is right for you.

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