Integrative Approaches to Seasonal Allergies

This years allergy season has begun; spring brings tree & grass pollen, while fall follows with outdoor molds & weeds. For those suffering from irritated eyes, sneezing, congestion & general itchiness; spring can be miserable. The immune system is overreacting to the pollen/grass/mold/weed (aka the allergen), creating an immunoglobulin E (IgE) antibodies which trigger an allergic reaction.

There are several integrative approaches to seasonal allergies. Some lifestyle changes, testing and natural medicines can help you recover.

Changes at home

  • change clothes or shower after arriving home from the day, avoid bring pollen into your home
  • keep slippers by the door to encourage taking shoes off in an entryway, garage or breezeway
  • use a nasal rinse, either in the shower/bath or as needed to rinse out your nose
  • purchase a HEPA air purifier for your sleeping area
  • wash/change pillowcase every 2 nights
  • wipe windowsills in your bedroom, keeping them clear of dust & pollen
  • consider a HEPA filter vacuum cleaner when it's time to replace your old model
  • avoid food allergens

There are allergy tests available which will pinpoint your allergen:

  • IgE skin test are the most common test, involving small, relatively painless pinpricks on your skin, results are typically within 20-30 minutes
  • IgE blood tests for allergies is another option, results will take a week or two to return to the office for evaluation

Natural medicine options:

  • avoiding trans fats within your diet
  • homeopathic eye drops can help relieve eye symptoms
  • vitamin C work to interfere with the allergic response, preventing histamine release
  • a magnesium deficiency can increase allergic reactivity, increasing symptoms
  • a vitamin E supplement may help relieve nasal symptoms
  • an IV therapy session including a variety of allergy-fighting vitamins & nutrients
  • herbs such as stinging nettles, eyebright, reishi mushrooms & bayberry can be used to manage allergic symptoms

Your naturopathic doctor can help you get through allergy season and beyond. Inquires as to your digestive health and cortisol levels can help your doctor help you manage your allergies and prepare yourself for next season.

Dr. Rachael DelToro, ND


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