Fertility treatments at 2bwell

One of the misconceptions about Traditional Chinese Medicine, and specially acupuncture, in this country is its association with pain management treatment only. Although that is very true and we can help many of our patients with acute and chronic pain, TCM is a comprehensive system of medicine that theoretically offers treatments for all human conditions.

I have been involved in treating many individuals and couples over the past 16 years who were in different parts of their journey to parenthood. At 2bwell, we have cases that can range anywhere from very early stages of a couple who might like to have natural medicine as a part of planning their future family, to others who are using IVF and other western fertility treatments to increase their chances of pregnancy. We have specific treatments which are geared towards helping a woman conceive more easily, having a safe and easy pregnancy with fewer issues, and easing the delivery of her healthy baby.
TCM is a viable treatment option for many GYN problems. It usually starts with helping women to have healthier and more regular menstrual cycles, better hormonal balance, and to stay in general good health for a few cycles. This very simple approach is known to be a great foundation for easy conception and healthy pregnancy. We also have specific treatment protocols that are aimed at helping the blood flow to the uterus and balancing female hormones before pregnancy. We then follow-up with supportive care to encourage a strong and healthy fetus and mother during pregnancy. These treatments not only reduce her chances of miscarriage or pre-mature birth, but also help greatly with morning sickness and different aches and pains of her body transformation. We have proven non-invasive acupuncture techniques to turn a baby if she is bridged, and also to induce a healthy natural labor when it's deemed safe and the mother is due for delivery.      
We have a competent and professional team of practitioners at our clinic who specialize in treating female and gynecological issues and fertility, using traditional Chinese medicine, Naturopathic Medicine, and healthy Nutritional elements.

Because of our past experience and constant self-education about cutting edge fertility treatments, we work well with your western fertility physicians if you are also receiving those treatments.  However, our in house team of Naturopathic Physicians can also act as your primary care physician and take your entire fertility care under their wing. 
So if you just started planning for a family, or if you have been trying for a while, or if you are already pregnant but would like to increase your health and the health of your baby, we are here and ready to help.  

Siamak F. Shirazi, LAc, PhD, DOM
2bwell's founder and director