Fango Therapy's Blessings

Mud baths are not just for kids and jeeps. Oregon is blessed with lovely hot springs around which is healing, mineral-rich mud!

Fango Therapy Fango therapy paints you in warm mud while pulling toxins out and replacing them with minerals and ions. It is a common medical therapy in Europe. It's very relaxing, and a head or foot massage is included. You will smell like a waterfall!

Patients report:

  • increased strength
  • decreased pain
  • improved flexibility
  • improved sleep
  • improved immunity

Fango is used to treat:

  • detoxification
  • fibromyalgia
  • osteoarthritis
  • respiratory diseases
  • inflammation
  • soft tissue injury
  • stress
  • skin conditions

Fango Therapy A few pointers: It's best to have fasted for at least 3 hours before the treatment. Please wear old clothes home.

After the treatment: dress, go home, shower with water only, pat dry, and lie down. Enjoy how good you feel!

Treatment is an additional $40 for full body or $20 for spot treatment above standard massage prices.

Call 503-655-0044 for an appointment! Complete your detox & get muddy!