Dump the "Healthy" Exercise

Been working out at the gym with limited results? Made a healthy exercise switch that should work…but isn't?

If so, you've probably stirred a wicked brew of genetics, diet, breathing & exercise mismatch.

Muscle is very metabolically expensive. It takes 50-100 Calories a day to keep a pound of muscle alive. Building muscle is also very expensive. While we've all got the same muscles, each of us has a different ratio of muscle components, perfectly designed for us. Have you experienced an effortlessly fun exercise, while a different exercise was total hell? Attribute a percentage of hell to muscle fiber ratios, another percentage to nervous system wiring.

Our nervous system is simple. It's wired for 2 modes: either the triple R mode: Relax, Restore, Repair, or the TOTALLY FREAKED-OUT mode. In RRR mode food is delicious, exercise is relaxing, tissue repairs. RRR is a zone where you're moving effortlessly and timelessly. You sense & glide through openings. Your mind is clear, your mood is stable, and your body strong. You find yourself in the right place at the right time with the right effort.

In freaked-out mode, there's no digestion or repairing because your body believes you're being chased by a tiger. Digestion and repair? Not priorities. Even organic food becomes gut rot. The body's first response is usually an adrenal rush. "Send sugar, blood, oxygen to major muscles now! Pull other systems off line." If you're already moving, this translates as a burst of speed. If you're stationary, you may freeze up. Muscle constricts, blood supply reduces, oxygen drops. Freezing works for rabbits, and it worked for our ancestors. But will freezing work on today's tigers? Not if your nervous system believes that the office deadline or the bills in the mail are "tigers".

Do you exercise to lower stress? It works, right? Yes, when done in RRR mode. Otherwise, a repetitive, heart pounding, brain buzzing "healthy" exercise routine may fry your tissue and grind your joints. Results: Chronic Tension, Fatigue, Waste Accumulation. You age faster….

You'll know you're in danger during exercise when you're sucking air through your mouth like a fish out of water. (Although, when you want to ride this adrenal surge to victory during the last burst of a competition, go for it.)

Continue to power through this strain and your body lays down a fibrous crazy- quilt of muscle that doesn't need blood or oxygen. It's dry, tough, rigid, scar tissue. You feel stiff. You feel sore. It takes more effort to exercise because your muscle can neither fully contract nor fully release. Structural problems set in. Channels become blocked. Fluids build up. Digestive waste bloats your belly. Hormones scramble. Your mind and emotions may skip.

After 1-3 months of this "healthy" exercise, you wisely decide it isn't worth it. We agree.

For health, we've got to exercise in RRR mode. How about regular massage & acupuncture to relieve tension, remodel scar tissue, and open channels? Once blood supply and relaxation are restored, muscles may more fully develop as nutrients are pulled in and waste and weight are released. Often this release offers a shift in strength & perception.

Stepping into the RRR Exercise Zone:

1. Your platelets are really sticky in the morning. Sticky platelets are notorious contributors to heart attacks. Loosen platelets while nourishing muscles by doing a warm-oil self massage before your a.m. shower.
2. Everyone's muscle tissue is stronger in the early morning. 6-10 am is the best time to exercise.
3. Not a morning exercise person? Try again from 6-7 pm.
4. How about lunch time exercise? That's effective for large framed, thick skinned, dark haired, steady natured people. For the rest of us, avoid it. Enjoy a fulfilling warm lunch instead.
5. Beautiful bodies begin in the kitchen, not the gym. Find your optimal foods.
6. Try a 20 min warm-up walk before exercise.
7. Breathe only through your nose. Try a breathe-rite strip to open airways.
8. Heart attacks are the leading cause of death at the gym. Slow down, STEP into the zone (leaving the pouncing to real tigers).
9. Get your natural growth hormone by being asleep by 10:30 p.m.

Need personal guidance? Ask your 2bwell practitioner to design a program with you!