Does Medicare/Medicaid cover services provided at 2bwell?

• Acupuncture

If you have a Medicare Part C Medicare Advantage plan, also called a Medicare Advantage plan, it may cover services not covered by traditional Medicare Part A or Part B like Acupuncture.

Acupuncture is a covered benefit for some patients with Oregon Health Plan but

only for Chemical (Alcohol and Drug) Dependency treatments.

• Chiropractic

Manual manipulation for subluxation of the spine is the only chiropractic service that is covered by Medicare itself (Part A or Part B). A chiropractor is defined in the Social Security Act as a physician for only one service, manual manipulation or treatment of subluxation of the spine. There is no need for an X-ray to prove that a patient has subluxation of the spine.

• Naturopathic Medicine

Unfortunately Medicare plans do not cover Naturopathic Medicine at this point. There are patients who might have a secondary (supplemental) coverage that might pay for ND services. In those cases, we will bill Medicare first, get the denial letter and then bill the secondary insurance, if covered.

However, Medicaid covers Naturopathic care if you have Oregon Health Plan and you have an open card. If you have a primary care physician listed on your card, you may need to get a referral. Often, Homeopathic Medicine or Nutritional Supplements will be prescribed that are not covered by Medicaid, but the doctors will work with you to come up with a treatment plan which meets your financial needs.

• Massage Therapy

Unfortunately Medicare plans do not cover Massage therapy at this point. There are a few patients who might have a secondary (supplemental) coverage that will pay for LMT services, but it's usually rare to see Massage coverage for any Medicare/Medicaid patient.

To find out whether your Insurance plan provides coverage for any of the services provided at 2bwell, and in what circumstance, please contact your plans administrator directly, or contact our clinic: 503-655-0044 -

We will take you through a verification process and provide you with detailed information about your insurance coverage.