Daily Oil Massage FAQ

Many of my patients have taken up the practice of daily warm oil massage to lubricate muscles, tissues and joints resulting in increased flexibility, decreased pain, improved circulation, improved attitude, and lustrous skin! Oil truly is the fountain of youth! For those who want to prevent colds, flu, sore throats, or reduce allergies, I recommend oiling the ears & nose. Home internal oiling for severe lower back pain or detox is reviewed during an appointment.

At 2BWell there are several types of organic oils available to match your health condition & body type. Below are a few questions I receive. Hope the answers help!

FAQ: Are the oils at 2BWell the same as those at a natural food store?

Ans: Nope. The oils at 2BWell have been purified or "cured" with heat…and love.

FAQ: Do I use the same oil all the time?

Ans: Usually people shift with the seasons & as their health progresses.  A heavier oil is used during winter (ex sesame), while an oil with a cooling effect is used during summer. 

FAQ: How does time of day effect oiling?

Ans: Most people find oiling before an evening shower promotes sleep, while oiling before they start their day energizes them.

FAQ: Do I have to shower after oiling?

Ans: Yes. The shower opens your pores and pushes the oil in. All dirt and odor is removed by the oil. Soap and body wash dry tissues. Their use is unnecessary, except perhaps strategically.

FAQ: How long until I feel results?

Ans: Most people reach pain reduction and improved flexibility within 2 weeks. It takes longer for the oil to reach joint level. Routine application is key to improving your health.

Amy Kammerer, Licensed Massage Therapist

2bwell - Staff Massage Therapist