Coaching:  Is it Worth the Hype?

By Eva Cruz Pena

Hello Beauts! My name is Eva and I am a Wellness and Lifestyle Coach at 2BWell. I feel honored joining this amazing group of providers and can't wait to meet and journey alongside you, as you move towards healing and wholeness from a place of connectedness.

When I first heard of coaching, I thought I'd use it as a complement to my counseling skills. Though, in all honesty, I was a little hesitant. I wasn't sure what they referred to as "life coaching" was worth all the hype. It seemed like everyone was putting up a sign and calling themselves life coaches. It didn't appear to be as credible and I didn't perceive it as an official discipline like counseling, psychology or social work. I saw it as a set of tools that could help me ask better questions when I met with clients in my counseling practice. So, that's how I approached it, I took some classes and start educating myself about the coaching. I learned great skills that I used with some of my clients. I learned to love the skills and so did my clients because they were powerful in helping them enact changes that moved them forward.

Fast forward to now and I have become a Whole Person Certified Coach. I decided to give coaching a fair chance and enrolled in an accredited program that had a holistic approach and allowed me to incorporate my educational background/professional training in nursing, theology and counseling. Going through the program was transformative. Even though I had gone through counseling as a client during my masters program, life coaching was the space where I felt empowered to uncover aspects of my life that needed to be reconnected to my heart so I could move forward from a place of connectedness. I experienced freedom and the power to unleash my voice unashamed. This led me to a lifestyle where I bring ALL of me to this journey we call Life.

So, coaching, is it worth the hype? I'd say YES, it's worth more than the hype. Once you try it, you might end up loving it as much as I do. Let this be a personal invitation from me to you to check out the Wellness and Lifestyle Coaching services that 2BWell offers. I'm looking forward to meeting you!

Be well.