Boston Heart Diagnostics Panel

2BWell Physicians Offer Advanced Cardiovascular Risk Assessment

"One in three Americans suffer from heart disease.
For most, it is preventable and reversible.
You can take action to improve your heart health."
- Boston Heart Literature

As an adult, once a year or so, your Primary Care Physician likely orders a cholesterol test that usually includes tests to assess your heart health. While this is a valid screen, these measurements are actually fairly rudimentary, measuring lipoproteins that were discovered in 1963. More current research has shown that several other factors play an equally important role in the development of heart disease: inflammation, metabolics (blood sugar), and genetics.

The Boston Heart cardiovascular risk assessment goes much further than the typical cholesterol test, including all of these important elements. It includes extensive lipid testing, measurement of 4 inflammatory markers, and several tests that screen for diabetes- even predicting the future risk of developing diabetes.

The Naturopathic approach emphasizes prevention, and the Boston Heart test make this approach very effective. Not only does it measure cholesterol and other lipids, but it explains WHY you have high cholesterol, and points to the most effective measures to address this. Simply lowering cholesterol, whether with a medication such as a Statin drug, or a supplement such as Niacin, may not significantly lower your heart risk if it doesn't address the cause. For example, the test can identify the cause as over-absorption of dietary cholesterol, inflammation in your blood vessels, or high blood sugar levels.

In addition, the Boston Heart Panel can include several genetic tests that enhance risk assessment and prevention for heart disease. If your family history includes heart disease, stroke, heart attack or diabetes, this panel may be a lifesaver for you. Your ND can work with you to tailor your treatment plan to prevent these conditions based on your personal history as well as the genetic risks that are present.

Most insurance companies do cover the Boston Heart tests, in most cases with a co-pay of less than $100, depending upon insurance. Everyone can benefit from this preventive approach offered by the Boston Heart panel, to live a long, healthy life.

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Julie Brush, 2BWell Naturopathic Physician