Al Lee's Course discription

This is the long-awaited presentation with 2bwell practitioner Al Lee
Transform Your Life –One Breath at a Time
Take a breather! You've been taking care of business, now take care of yourself!
Let Al Lee show you how to take advantage of powerful techniques that will immediately start to lower your stress level and improve your health, performance, and emotional wellbeing. Learn specific techniques to boost your immune system, lower blood pressure, accelerate healing, and improve creativity and stamina. Used by fighter pilots, elite climbers, performing artists, athletes, healers, and spiritual seekers all over the world, they can easily be integrated in to your personal and professional lives.

Al Lee is the co-author of the book "Perfect Breathing: Transform Your Life One Breath at a Time" and combines extensive experience, great stories, and cutting-edge science into an entertaining program that opens up a world of untapped potential.