Acupuncture treatments for sports injuries

We may not think of sports injuries during the cold seasons, however in the Pacific Northwest many sports-related injuries happen in fall and winter months. It is certainly harder to warm up properly, and easier to get injured in cold and damp weather. Also, people are generally more accident-prone in wet and cold environment with falls and slides. Not to mention skiing, hiking and other recreational outdoor activities which may cause serious injuries.

I would like to propose Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine alongside most other therapies we offer at 2bwell as the first line of defense for both prevention of and for treatment of injuries on the unfortunate occasion when they happen. Research shows that receiving regular "Preventative" care with modalities like acupuncture, massage or chiropractic medicine will dramatically reduce the chance of getting injured. These therapies will not only enhance your performance and enable you to enjoy partaking in  outdoor activities, they will also reduce the chance of slips and falls by providing better balance and more structural flexibility. Plus, receiving regular treatments provides your body with a greater chance of achieving better overall balance, and improved capability to fight illness.  

Please keep in mind that the Best Medicine is "Preventative Medicine" - therefore, do not wait until you are injured or sick to come visit our clinic. The best time to receive any of our treatments or therapies (and usually the most economical) is actually when you are healthy.

However, in the unfortunate case of injury, 2bwell practitioners offer services to improve recovery time.  Several studies  have shown the effectiveness  of acupuncture and, more specifically, electro-acupuncture in the successful treatment of broken bones and torn ligaments. It is shown that bones and the entire musculo-skeletal system heal significantly faster and better with regular electro-acupuncture treatments post-injury.

Therefore, try to get in before you are sick or injured for preventative care on a monthly basis. Or keep 2bwell in mind in the unfortunate event of getting injured to help with pain management and to help your body heal better and faster.

Happy Winter,
Siamak F. Shirazi, LAc, PhD, DOM