A View on Community Wellness & Service

Amy Kammerer, LMT, CKTP, BS

Most people visit me because something in their body is "not right"; an injury, illness or tension. Or they feel stress from a situation, event or perception. The stress is held in the muscles and in the mind. Everyone tries to correct "not rightness". It's like rearranging clouds in the sky. Let's look up and begin:

Sky The day opens its hands.
3 clouds,
And these words,
"I love you."

And that's all service is. I love you. For no reason at all and as you are. You belong to me, and I belong to you. We are all somehow kin. Our bodies are really old (4.5 billion years of earth dust). We share breath with every other being; we are completely recycled material. Even our thoughts, emotions and experiences are recycled. That's how we belong. That's our kinship. Because we are kin, there's no imposition between us. It's our nature to assist each other. As that realization spreads, a community moves from the stressors of fear, doubt and separation to integrity. Community wellness is founded upon the integrity and loyalty of its members caring for each other.