2bwell Wellness App

2bwell app is the result of a collaborative effort between several of our staff and providers, myself, and a local young app designer and computer engineer with great insights. I started researching and reviewing many health and wellness related applications over the past several months to learn from what is already available out in the market. We wanted to create an easy to use and informative application with a couple of unique "wellness tools", and I am very excited about the outcome of our collaborative effort.

In addition to important resources like: an organized list and detailed explanation about our services, a detailed list with pictures and bio of all our providers, a large archive of health and wellness related articles and tips, a directional map to both our locations, the ability to send appointment requests directly from your mobile device, there is also a Wellness Meter module in our app and at your fingertips. Our unique Wellness Meter is an interactive question and answer applet that enables you to gage your own "State of Wellness" within minutes. And it will provide you instructions and tips for easy ways to improve your score.

2bwell app is now available on iOS, ipad, and Android platforms and is FREE to download from the app store. It is a very handy resource from 2bwell and another strong statement from us to display our group's commitment to Wellness Based Medicine and to your health.

Get it to be well.
From Dr. Shirazi's desk