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A Wellness Oasis in Old Town's Wax building

Portland, OR  --  A local entrepreneur has purchased one of Portland's historic Old Town buildings and has transformed it into a sanctuary that promotes wellness and preventative care. The new clinic is located in the 86-year-old Wax Building on Northwest 3rd and Burnside. 2bwell Community Health Clinic

The founder of the new 2bwell Downtown Community Health Clinic is Siamak Shirazi, a Portland acupuncturist who is director of 2BWell group. He currently operates a clinic with a staff of 15 in Lake Oswego. This second office allows for more services, more employees and is structured to provide services to everyone, including low income and those who lack health insurance.

After nearly a year of renovations, 2bwell Downtown Community Health Clinic is a far cry from the gritty history of the last century in the building.

The Wax building was built in 1926 by Frohman Wax. Originally, the building spanned into the middle of Burnside St. but in the early 1930s Burnside was widened and half of the building was removed. The entirety of the building was occupied by United Clothing Co. which sold work clothes and supplies to railroad workers, loggers, longshoremen and sailors. In 1939, just prior to WWII the upstairs was converted to medical space for different practitioners.

Most recently, Mercy & Wisdom Clinic operated out of the space, which is where Dr. Shirazi (LAc, DOM), served as a volunteer acupuncturist. He enjoyed working with the eclectic mix of patients and fell in love with the character of the building. When the property came up for sale, he jumped at the opportunity.

His vision is to continue providing wellness care from the first floor of the building, preserving the original mission of serving low income and uninsured. With Northwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and University of Western States Chiropractic all in the same building, this location on 3rd and West Burnside is now a hub for health and wellness.

Today, bamboo floors, fresh floral colored paint, tranquil music, and elegant plants, provide an inviting respite for patients and visitors. The space seems to offer the gift of good health to anyone who walks in the door.

2bwell Community Health Clinic

2bwell Community Health Clinic - 2 NW 3rd Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97209