We believe that wellness is a dynamic state of consciousness within the limits of our physical existence. Our vision is to create and maintain a healthy experience of everyday living by promoting the synergistic effects of wellness.

Professional and compassionate care

Promotion of wellness and preventive medicine

Affordable and flexible payment options

Building a happy and healthy community

Creating the Balance That Your Life Needs

Being alive is a complex physiological state which requires a heightened awareness of the physical body in the time space continuum. At any given moment, there are millions of reactions and transformations which take place within our cellular universe. Our physical body is constantly repairing and re-building itself on regular bases.

Every living cell, from our toes' skin cells to the ones in the most sensitive parts of the brain, contain the same level and quality of consciousness.

Best Medicine is Preventive Medicine

At 2BWell, we are committed to help you connect with and utilize your own inner healing power. Our naturopathic physicians use a range of care services, from acupuncture and massage therapy to neurofeedback and nutritional consultation. We work cooperatively with you to design an individual treatment plan for your specific needs.

We encourage your involvement and value your trust during this process. We are ready to help and guide you in this journey to optimum health with all the tools which you have access to by being a part of 2BWell.

Thriving Community of Wellness

2BWell was created by Siamak Shirazi, a Portland acupuncturist. His vision is to build a strong, local community of wellness by proving services to all people regardless of income, sexual orientation, or age.

The services we provide are covered by most health insurance companies with a small co-payment, or co-insurance from the patient. In the case of a personal injury due to work or motor vehicle accidents, some of the treatments need to be prescribed by a the attending physician, related to that accident. The best practice is to contact our front desk prior to making your first appointment and let us verify your coverage before you come in.