What is Relational Therapy I.E MCFT?

Marriage couples and family therapists work in systems; what does that mean? You are a venn diagram with so many circles of who you are and how you operate affecting you instead of "it's not you its me" think "its you and me." I work foundationally as a clinician to pathologize you and pathologize the space that is keeping you stuck.

How Does it Work?

Therapy is how we relearn how to be in a relationship. We are able to engage with someone who has no judgement and wants to understand. We can't heal in environments that make us sick; it gives you the ability to explore your inner workings and engage with someone who can help with regulation and coping skills, learning non violent communication and rewriting the cognitive distortions that keep us up.

Somatic: Meaning "of the body." Many times this term is used to denote a body/mind or whole-body approach as distinguished from a physiology-only or environmental perspective. Using mindfulness, Tapping and other somatic experiences we can work together to help your body process trauma.

I work from a lens of narrative family therapy as well as experiential. I incorporate my life experience and above all else want to be a human in the room with you.

Sessions are 50 minutes and with a sliding scale option (starting at 140). Group sessions are 90 minutes and are group dependent for pricing.

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Sam Krulewitch, LCSW

A Portlander since 1992, Sam is a licensed therapist who is excited to meet people exactly where they are. He received his BA from Oberlin College, and his Masters in Social Work in from Portland State University. Throughout this process, Sam has worked with at-risk teenagers and their families, LGBTQ++ community, adults with severe mental illness in the legal system, and everyone in between, ssisting and sitting with all manner of emotional pain, trauma, and unhealthy behaviors.

Sam believes that the therapeutic relationship can provide one healing strand in the web of someone’s life, if approached with respect, authenticity, and compassion. He has training in Read more

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

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