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Lauren Ferreira

Lauren Ferreira, LMT

Lauren Ferreira discovered the wonders of Thai massage when she first traveled to Thailand in 2000. The seed was planted, and while living in NYC in 2007 she began studying traditional Thai massage. Her love of the ancient healing art came with her to Portland where she continued to study and practice how to use this massage modality as a way to therapeutically treat her friends and family. In 2011 Lauren attended the University of Western States Massage School, went on to receive her license, and continues to be a student as well as an excellent practitioner. She loves that Thai massage can be done on the floor as she has access to use her entire body to help her clients. Thai massage generally lends itself well to slow, deep work that tends to have a long-lasting and holistic effect on the receiver. Lauren uses all her Thai massage skills and tools to address the specific issues of each client, each and every time. This is not a one-size fits all approach, rather it is highly individualized treatment with no two massages ever being the same. An average Thai massage session is 90 minutes (2 and 3 hours is also common, with a 1 hour being used for spot specific work only) and is mostly focused on the areas of concern. This lends itself to greater efficacy and more permanent changes. Clients often report feeling fantastic afterwards, with reduced or eliminated pain, having the sense that their entire bodies and beings were worked on, and usually feel the effects for days or even weeks. This is the great magic of Thai massage. Lauren is excited to come on board 2bwell and looks forward to working with clients to help them feel better in their bodies.