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Gabriel Springsnow

Gabriel Springsnow, LMT

Massage is something I got into right out of high school. I've made quite a few observances over the past 12 years on how the body participates in the mind-body connection. I've actively practiced incorporating what I've learned about anatomy and physiology into my sessions. Succinctly, I believe that posture and well being are linked. This may sound self explanatory but in practice I've found it's very often unconscious muscle recruitment patterns that contribute to chronic "stuff" in the body. I notice for example in myself when I raise the center of my chest towards the ceiling while massaging my pectoralis muscles lengthen, they are more limber and are stronger. My shoulders roll back from medial rotation and that spot at the base of my neck doesn't hurt at the end of the day. For your postural awareness, a simple "wow, didn't know that was sore" on your part could morph into a seed of body awareness for a minor adjustment in a daily movement. Small little changes stack up pretty quickly over time and I'd love to facilitate a nice muscular and/or connective tissue reset. Having worked on a very large amount of people varying in age, fitness level etc, I've concluded that continuing to keep our energy flowing is the name of the game for body happiness in the long run. I'd be happy to share postural or muscle tone observations, form some body alignment goals with you or simply let you drift off into a pleasant massage induced trance while I follow my intuition and knowledge in our session.

My typical style is a slow deep tissue massage with some initial connective tissue assessment. I try to be very diligent to not massage deeper than your breath allows. If the breath is wanting to shallow or your bodies is instinctually wanting to "armor" or tense from the pressure it's, in my opinion, too deep. I've noticed people be able to receive much deeper work more quickly when they were present, working with their breath and actively communicating what they were feeling. I know a lot of modalities to blend together for an optimal session. I enjoy and use myofascial work to unstick muscle layers from one another via the connective tissue, I enjoy some cranio-sacral work for more emotionally centered work and of course swedish massage for some blissed out time. I've practised massage in a number of settings. From a personal practice to posh and fancy spas to a medically oriented physical therapy department treating patients for serious dis-eases. The next modalities I intend to learn are Thai massage (think yoga and massage combined) and abdominal massage (I always discuss belly work beforehand).

On a personal note, I'm enjoying my new residency to Portland very much. From teaching acro-yoga to the rich dance scenes. From exploring science fascinations with other like minded folks to musical projects with other musicians on my cello. Portland certainly has a lot to offer. It is my belief that part of professionalism in massage therapy is engaging in self care that keep one's mind and body centered, healthy and grounded. My numerous outlets are essential to that. I look forward to working with you over and hope to continue to help the world be a better place, one massage at a time.