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2bwell Wellness App

2bwell App

2bwell app is the result of a collaborative effort between several of our staff and providers, myself, and a local young app designer and computer engineer with great insights. It is designed to help our patients, and everyone else in the world who just want 2-b-well.

Use the "Wellness Meter" applet within the app to measure your "State of Wellness". The app is also filled with healthy information and easy wellness tips. You can learn about our locations, providers, services, and much much more and have our attention literally at your fingertips by sending us text, email or chat messages. You can request tele-meetings with a dietician, naturopath, or any other member of our therapeutic team, from anywhere on the planet.

Click here to read more about our app or download it for Android Devices or iOS (iPhone, iPad) Devices.

Wellness Based Medicine


2bwell's vision of wellness is growing strongly and in many different directions. We started in 2005 in Lake Oswego, OR, and expanded to downtown Portland in 2011. Through our locations in Portland Metropolitan area, and the support of our local friends and patients, we have been able to reach many of the people we care for, while spreading 2bwell's message of wellness in our lovely city. We are now spreading the message of Wellness Based Medicine to capture a much larger audience.

To better serve well as our professional colleagues and the general public...we have just created a new forum for the latest information, opinion, and insights on Wellness Based medicine:

Visit us there soon and let us know how the site works for you. We're very dedicated to helping you spread the word to the ones you love. Together, we can all take better care of our health.

Be Well.
2bwell Founder / Director
Siamak F. Shirazi